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Dependable Chimney Services and More

Why Get Your Chimney Checked?

Keeping your chimney well-maintained helps protect your property from damage. When leaks from these open structures are left unfixed, molds can grow in the affected areas, leaving eyesores and harming the value of your property. Even your family can be at risk for serious safety hazards. A bird and bee nest can cause a blockage in your gas flue, causing carbon monoxide poisoning to back up into the house.

Creosote is the substance that is left behind after each and every fire burned. Creosote does not go away. It's this excess buildup that can cause a chimney fire. Chimney fires can get as hot as 7000 degrees. These high temperatures can ignite the surrounding walls on fire.

You can avoid all these by regularly checking and cleaning the chimneys in your home to make sure they are clear of unwanted elements and defects. However, these tasks can take much of your time and energy. This is where we come in.

At Masters of London Chimney Sweeps, we take care of the dirty work for you. Apart from chimney cleaning and repairs, we also provide dryer vent cleaning to prevent possible appliance failure and house fire. We can also fix leaks, install your woodstove, and more.

Get in touch with us to learn the full range of services we provide for you. We are available to serve you anywhere in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and other areas.

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