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Scope of Our Work

Turn to Masters of London Chimney Sweeps for your brickwork, repair, and maintenance needs. We provide the following services for clients in and around Michigan:

  • All Types of Brick Repairs
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • House Leak Repairs
  • Wood Heating
  • Chimney Evaluations
  • Damper Repairs
  • Insurance Work

  • Real Estate Evaluations
  • Flashing Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repairs
  • Installations of Woodstove and Inserts
  • Snow Removal on Roofs, Driveways, and Sidewalks
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Small Roof Repairs and Flashing
  • Moss and Mold Removal From Bricks

Our services also cover:

  • Bird Guards and Rain Caps
  • Chimney Fires and Liners

  • Stainless Steel Chase Pans
  • Outdoor Fire Pits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to have my chimney cleaned?

A: To professionally remove creosote that is left after every fire burned.

Q: How often do I need my chimney cleaned?

A: It's required by your home owners insurance that you have your chimney evaluated annually and cleaned after burning one cord of wood or more every year.

Q: Why is there such a price difference for chimney sweeps in the area?

A: There are many chimney sweeps in the area, but only a few have advanced their knowledge and education.

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